Month: June 2019

Five Useful and Practical Hobbies to Try

Nowadays the world seems to be moving at dizzying speeds. So fast that everything seems like a blur. It is really hard to concentrate on anything, more so the things that matter. This is true for many people, and if you have come to the same realization, then here’s the article for you. Below you’ll find a list of great hobbies that you may want to try out to take back a bit of time for yourself. Keep reading to find out more!


Podcasts have never quite broken into the mainstream entertainment scene. And for good reasons too! When you listen to a podcast, unlike consuming other media like movies and tv, you really get a more personal connection with whichever podcast you listen too. That’s just one benefit of listening to podcasts. Moreover, there are podcasts for almost any topic you’d ever want to know more about, ranging from comedy to history podcasts. They are a great way to learn and increase your knowledge base without reading books. And best of all they’re free! I can think of a few ways to unwind than a slow walk, listening to my favorite podcast. One other thing about this amazing past time is that it really blends in well with your busy schedule too! Listening to a great podcast while working will keep you fresh and motivated.


It may seem daunting at first, but once you start, fitness will become an inseparable part of your life. Keeping fit is not only a great way to relieve stress after a long day at work, but it can also be a lifesaver. The Center for Disease Control recommends an hour a day dedicated to fitness, to improve longevity. Isn’t it great knowing that your hobby will literally prolong your life? Moreover, because fitness is a very personal journey, you may discover aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. You may find that you’re stronger than you previously thought -pan intended! Related to this, the sense of personal accomplishment that comes with achieving your fitness goals is indescribable. Start your fitness journey today!


You don’t have to have the skill of Gordon Ramsay to cook or at least to learn how to. In the proverbial words of Chef Gusteau in Ratatouille, anyone can cook! And it is incredibly fulfilling. Beyond the aura of sophistication that you’ll certainly portray by professing that you can cook, this hobby has many other benefits. For one, it’s one of those hobbies that are perfect for two.  Moreover, cooking changes your lifestyle for the better. As you become more adept, you start having a taste for the finer things in life- including healthier ingredients. Learning how to cook will save you a lot of money on food expenditure too!


People who can woodwork are part of a rare breed that is slowly dying out! In a world of convenience, where everything is made easy and more automatic, woodworking still remains a great hobby! And the best thing is that you don’t need to apprentice yourself at a woodworking shop to learn! There are plenty of great learning tools and lessons online that will have you become a great carpenter with time. Woodworking is not just a way to let of steam though, just like fitness or art, one can really find aspects of themselves that they never knew existed through this hobby. What more, it’s a handy skill too. You no longer need to throw away broken furniture because you cannot fix it. Try it. You won’t regret It!


One of the most unforgettable experiences for me was looking up at the stars on a quiet night in the middle of nowhere. Nothing quite compares. We never really understand how vast and magical the world is until we have such experiences. Needless to say, camping is indeed a great way to reconnect with nature. There’s something about the open wilderness that makes someone’s worries look small and almost vanish. If you work busy weeks or have a particularly stressful job, this is the hobby for you. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoying the comforting quiet of the open wilderness, is something you’ll never forget. Try it!

Great Free Time Hobbies to Improve your Wellbeing

Having a pastime hobby is essential for your general wellbeing. Hobbies can improve physical, mental and emotional health! For instance, it is common knowledge that they offer an outlet for the daily stresses of life. Whether you’re dealing with conflict or have a stressful job, a hobby may be the most welcome distraction for you. Moreover, a busy mind is a healthy mind. Studies show that hobbies are essential for maintaining cognitive health in older people. This article takes on a lighter note by sharing some information on some amazing hobbies that you may want to consider trying.

Giving Back to the Community

This is perhaps one of the most fulfilling categories of hobbies, and it is quite broad! The feeling of giving back is indescribable but if one had to put words to it then the word satisfying would suffice. Whether you volunteer at your local animal shelter or spend your free time fighting for people’s rights, giving back to the community is a great way to spend your free time. What’s more, it has personal benefits too. Giving back significantly improves mental health- for obvious reasons. Moreover, if the activity you choose is particularly physical, your body will benefit too!


The piece of mind and sense of accomplishment that comes from tending your own garden and seeing it mature is amazing. The beauty of gardening is that while you may choose to make a private affair, it may also be a group hobby. It’s also one of those hobbies that can be economically viable. Imagine how much money you could potentially save by growing your own vegetables! It also turns out that it has tangible health benefits. Exposure to dirt is a great way to improve and boost your immune system. Lastly, with all the worry about GMO products, imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your eating hand reared organic produce!


As we grow older, we become more knowledgeable and experienced. Writing is a great way to organize your thoughts and share with the world. It is extremely fulfilling too. Psychologically, journaling or keeping a personal blog is a great way to relieve stress. In fact, a common tool used in therapy to release built up emotions is writing exactly how one feels. Needless to say, beyond being a hobby, writing can be very cathartic. Writing is also a great way to boost your self-confidence. When you share your ideas and get positive feedback, it makes you realize how valid your views and opinions are to certain people. The cognitive benefits cannot be ignored. Writing is a great way to maintain and improve cognitive ability especially in older people.


When was the last time you picked up an interesting book during your free time? Reading for leisure is as enjoyable as any other hobby, if not more. There is a reason why many great movies are adaptations from books! This goes without saying but will be mentioned anyway- reading increases your knowledge. We live in a world broad knowledge is becoming as important as specialized education. Reading can also be very peaceful. As a hobby, reading allows you to momentarily escape from the stresses of life, transporting you to alternate one instead, albeit temporarily!


Whenever this hobby is mentioned, people’s minds automatically wander to the costs involved and the logistics. You do not necessarily need money to travel. Simply walking around your local area and gradually broadening the scope of your walks can be a great way for you to unwind. Of course, long-distance traveling is also a greatly rewarding as a hobby. Our species is hard-wired to discover and explore and seek adventure. To highlight the truth in this statement, did you know that traveling has tangible health benefits? Studies show that it may reduce stress-related illnesses, primarily cardiovascular one. Moreover, the physical nature of traveling means that it is a great way to keep fit. Exposure to new environments also allows your immune system to improve and adapt to fighting many microbes! In terms of mental and emotional health, traveling is a great way to avoid or even deal with stressful situations.